100 Days of Summer – June

As we come to an end of the very first month of summer, I am reminded that summer is a time of rest, not only for my kids, but also for me. This is where I get out of my "blogger, working mom" groove and settle into my "I have the kids all the freaking time and I'm...

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100 Days of Summer Challenge

I believe in the real world, school is officially out today, June 5th. In preschool land, we've been out of school since the middle of May. With this being Ellie's last official year as a preschooler, I wanted to make sure to capture this last summer of her preschool...

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Ethical Clothing Brands – Everlane

One of my goals for 2019 was to begin to focus on ethical clothing brands. Not only did I want to add those brands to my own wardrobe, I also wanted to suggest them to my clients as well. As I began down this road to ethical fashion, I quickly realized that I was...

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Urban Florals, Anna, Senior Session Greenville, SC

I first met Beth in 2012 during yoga teacher training. Beth was such a warm and comforting person, and we hit it off immediately. She was so easy to talk to and I felt like I had known her for years. Fast forward a couple of years and she became my mom role model. She...

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Candid Family Session in Greenville, SC

What do I want to say about the Johnson family? Lauren is my photo buddy and I am so grateful that she has been apart of my photography journey, if only for a short while. We met through Clickin Moms and when she reached out to me to tell me she was moving to...

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My Spring/Summer Capsule Personal Stylist Wendi Matt

I don't want to jinx it, but it seems as though we may have made our way through the rainy season here in Portland, I mean South Carolina. The sun is shining, it's above 55, so I'm now ready for spring clothes. My size has changed since last summer and so, I kind of...

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Photographer and Stylist Wendi Matt

I love the 90s, obscure pop culture references, and when people stop being polite, and start getting real. Also, I like to take pictures.




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