Candid Family Session in Greenville, SC

What do I want to say about the Johnson family? Lauren is my photo buddy and I am so grateful that she has been apart of my photography journey, if only for a short while. We met through Clickin Moms and when she reached out to me to tell me she was moving to...

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My Spring/Summer Capsule Personal Stylist Wendi Matt

I don't want to jinx it, but it seems as though we may have made our way through the rainy season here in Portland, I mean South Carolina. The sun is shining, it's above 55, so I'm now ready for spring clothes. My size has changed since last summer and so, I kind of...

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Resurrection – Photographer Wendi Matt

Over the past few years, I've wanted to do a photo series focusing on the beauty of women. What began as an idea to celebrate the characteristics of the divine feminine has become something more dedicated to the beauty of the lives we live. As I began to share my own...

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How to Design Your Wardrobe Personal Stylist Wendi Matt

Marie Kondo is taking over the nation with her Netflix show about tidying up. It feels like she's the creator of the decluttering movement, but every new year, Emily Ley and others send out their new year challenges for tidying up. Minimalism is on trend as well and...

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Project 365 – Day 4, 5, 6, and 7

I HAVE been taking daily pictures but forgot to post them so here they are. Sunday     Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   My gratitude for the past few days has basically just been the ability to breathe and take a moment. There have been glimpses...

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Project 365 – Day 4

  Today I am grateful for: Spontaneous date nights with my husband my in laws who help provide spontaneous date nights with my husband

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Project 365 – Day 3 Greenville Photographer Wendi Matt

  Today I am grateful for: Kids that are happy when they wake up Alone time where I'm able to try fun, creative things a little girl who's full of joy ice cream with my kids after school my mom who visits the kids and lets me run to the grocery store home made...

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Photographer and Stylist Wendi Matt

I love the 90s, obscure pop culture references, and when people stop being polite, and start getting real. Also, I like to take pictures.




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