As a photographer, I…

tend to air on the side of connection rather than smiles. When I first picked up my big camera, it was because I wanted to capture the daily life of my children. I wasn’t thinking posed shots of my kids frolicking in a pretty park with matching outfits. I was hoping that I could document the beauty of our daily lives. And that’s what I want to do for others. My photography style is more of me acting as a quiet observer rather than a director. I believe strongly that children are beautiful exactly as they are, in their own home, and so, I prefer to capture them in that way. A session with me will look very different than one you’ve ever seen before and my hope is that you will love a large gallery of photos that capture your family in this season of life. 

A Day in the Life

This session is documentary in nature. What that means is that I will spend between 4-6 hours with your family, capturing you in your daily routine. There is no color coordinated outfits, no posed shots, but rather a story of your children’s lives. 

session includes:

  • 4-6 hours
  • Hand editing for each image (no presets here)
  • 75 high resolution images with print release
  • Includes storytelling photo book

FROM:    $525

Product and Food Photography

Greenville is such a beautiful place filled with many small business and creative entrepreneurs. Though it can be easy to capture Instagram shots with an entry level dslr, editing and styling can be time consuming. I can capture your products in a variety of ways to be used on a website, social media platform, or line sheet. Perfect for small business owners and bloggers.

session includes:

  • location of choice including on site or in studio
  • styling
  • hand editing of each image and web optimization
  • online gallery

FROM:    $200

Portrait Session

A portrait session is focused on one individual both in studio and on location. This includes outfit changes, styling by me, and a lot of direction. This is ideal for a woman celebrating herself, a graduating senior, or a small business owner wanting shots for her website


session includes:

  • Styling Services
  • Hand editing of each images (no presets)
  • 2 locations, 3 outfit changes
  • 20 high resolution images with print release

FROM:   $350

Fresh 48

A Fresh 48 session in shot in the birth place, within the first 48 hours of baby’s arrival. This session is documentary in nature, though it does include some loose “set up” by me to get baby in both the parent’s arms as well as their bassinet. 


session includes:

  • unlimited time
  • Hand editing of each image
  • On location
  • 30 high resolution images with print release

FROM:    $350


What should I wear?
I prefer for you to wear casual clothes that are comfortable and that you can easily move in. Mothers can wear long dresses, but if you feel more comfortable in something else, wear that. Colors should typically be neutral and/or rich, jewel tones. T shirts should be plain with no writing or logos on them at all. No shoes is preferable but if we’re on location somewhere, just whatever you can run and play in!
What is "documentary photography"
Documentary photography focuses on capturing your family as is. While each session will have extensive direction and guidance, moments are captured in an organic way, with the focus being on connection. I don’t use props but we will have activities to help break the ice and make the session fun
Do you offer hair and makeup services?
I do offer hair and makeup services if needed for an additional charge.
How do we determine a location?
I prefer to do these sessions in home, as kids tend to be more comfortable in their own surroundings. We can get pictures inside and outside. That being said, if in home isn’t an option, we can pick a place that is special to the family and somewhere the kids really love.