The blast blog post I wrote was just as the world was changing to this new paradigm. Since then, I have been trying to figure out this new life as a teacher, professional chef, maid, and to somehow find time for myself. I am not complaining because I have an incredible amount of privilege. I know there are so many other people out there who are in much more difficult situations. I only mention it because there has definitely been some adjusting with everything going on. 

One of the ways I have cared for myself has been through creativity, honing my craft (photography), and community with my fellow momtogs through Clickinmoms classes. Several years ago, I joined ClickinMoms as a way to connect with other photographers and to learn photography. I never knew that doing that would help me find a creative outlet as well as connect with other women throughout the nation. I have met women throughout the entire Unites States and have gotten to meet so many of them in person through Click Away (and another Click Away). I most recently took a break by Sarah Krieg called Filmmaking for Photographers. I’ve actually learned a teeny bit about film before but Sarah taught it in such a way that seemed more approachable. I decided to share my first film below, so let me know what you think. 

What I really love about photography is that there are thousands, probably millions, of people throughout the world taking pictures of their families right now. They are documenting this time in history, one that is seemingly a major turning point in the way we operate as a world from now on. I’m sure there are some famous images in your mind from historical events of the past, pictures you’ve seen on the cover of National Geographic, documenting a moment in time. Pictures have the ability to say so much without using any words. And there are SO MANY OF US out there capturing this right now. I wonder if my kids will look back at these pictures and see how they spent their days during the time of the Corona Virus. I wonder if this event if going to impact them in the same way the OJ Simpson trial or 9/11 impacted me. They’re so young, I’m not sure but they will certainly have pictures to review when they get older. At the very least, I hope they can see that I loved them in spite of my inability to be the perfect parent. Here are some of the images I’ve taken over the past few weeks. 

Covid 19

What’s missing from everything I’m documenting right now? Me. The full range of emotions that I’m feeling during this time are completely missing and I need to figure out how to get in front of the camera too. And not just in a “oh let me take a pretty self portrait” way. No, I want to capture the full range of emotions I’m feeling during this which, honestly, is a lot. I have felt everything from immense gratitude, fear, anxiety, joy, distress, frustration, exhaustion, all of it. And I want to show that, I just need to figure out how. 

Even if you’re not a “photographer”, I urge you to bring out your camera and get what you can. Don’t worry about making pretty pictures, focus on what you’re like looks like. If you need help on how to do that, Linsey Davis just released and incredible breakout about how to capture your life for your children called A Legacy Keepers Guide. I recommend it because she talks gives you prompts on how to record the legacy you want for your kids. So don’t be afraid!! I hope you’re allowing yourself the space to feel your emotions and going inward to learn more about yourself. This is a beautiful opportunity to do so. Stay safe!