Mentoring Sessions

for photographers

My goal is to help you find the pieces of yourself you want to expand and give you actionable steps to get there.

My mentoring packages cover two areas…



In the beginning, the biggest hinderance to our growth in our work is lack of technical knowledge. As we understand more of our craft and how to piece together an impactful photograph, we become free. That freedom allows us to break free from what the art world tells us is *good*. The challenge, though, is that we need to have the technical knowledge to access freedom. As a coach, I will help you identify the areas of your work that needs technical direction and improvement. We will break down where you want to go and how to get there.


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With every workshop I take, it feels like the lessons I need to get better as a photographer are the same lessons I need to become a better human. I joke that photography classes are like group therapy. The truth is the more we tap into our own intuition, the more we get comfortable with our inner voice and it’s own unique gifts, the more we feel confident to express ourselves in our work. Our sessions will include writing assignments, meditations, and practices to help you access your intuition. My goal is that when you are done working with me, you will appreciate all that is you and you will feel empowered to express yourself fully.


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Mentoring Packages


3 month package = $398
6 month package = $698


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