I don’t want to jinx it, but it seems as though we may have made our way through the rainy season here in Portland, I mean South Carolina. The sun is shining, it’s above 55, so I’m now ready for spring clothes. My size has changed since last summer and so, I kind of need a whole new wardrobe, so I tackled it the same way I would a client. I created a Pinterest Board and a list of items that I need. When I envision this wardrobe, I think of relaxed fit everything, breezy fabrics, pretty much super casual. Since I’ll be at home with the kids, there is no need for anything super fancy, so I just want things to FEEL good when I wear them and to look halfway put together too. I am also deciding to buy a little at a time so I can let my wardrobe develop slowly. Sometimes, I buy things and realize I didn’t really need them, so in the spirit of a capsule wardrobe and minimalism, I am focusing on building it slowly. When I notice that something is missing, I’ll add that to my list. Here are some things I’ve gotten so far. 

These are the actual links to the items. Some of the colors didn’t come up in ShopStyle where I make this widget, so below are pictures of the exact items in the exact colors I bought. Also, this shop style widget is full of affiliate links. If you shop through the links, I get a very tiny commission. For example, over the last year of having this blog, I have earned $3 because no one actually buys from the links. But I still have to tell you because that’s the rule. So hey, if you like these clothes, and you like this blog, then it’d be great if you bought from these links to help a sister out! That actually goes for any blogger you follow. Thanks!

I already own a few things like a pair of straight leg jeans from the gap, a pair of distressed skinny jeans from gap, a white button down long sleeve shirt, a chambray shirt from Jcrew, and another Loft romper. I have a few things packed away from last summer that I want to go through, but my thoughts are that they probably won’t fit. 

In general, when I build an outfit, I pick what feels most comfortable for me that day, and then I add items around it. For example, if I’m wanting to wear my white popover shirt from Madewell, I’ll decide if I want to wear my straight leg jeans or my chinos. If I’m wanting to wear a denim jacket, I’ll pick the chinos, then add a pair of casual shoes and a fun earring or necklace. If I’m wanting to wear the jumpsuit, I’ll think about what I want to wear to cover my arms, which shoes are best for what I’m doing, and finally, any jewelry I want to add.

What I still need 


The biggest challenge for summer for me, at this body size, is finding ways to protect certain areas of my body from chafing but also staying cool. To add some coverage for my arms, I am looking for a kimono that isn’t going to be hot. I also love a jumpsuit, as you all know. Lastly, I’m checking out pants that are cropped but still cool and comfortable. I have listed some items I’ve found online below. I did find a really cute jumpsuit at PSquared so I may check it out tomorrow. Otherwise, I’ve focused on brands like Everlane which is a company that focused on ethical clothing production, Anthropologie because they have a store downtown and they have a wide range of sizes, and Madewell, because they actually show models wearing the clothing that are my size and I can see what things look like on my body. 

There you have it! This is what you’ll see me wearing over the next few months. I hope that this will help you as you’re planning your spring/summer wardrobe as well. Please feel free to message me with any questions, of course, if you need some help styling, please give me a call. (or send an email). Honestly, my services are not very expensive and I will gladly send you a pricing sheet if you contact me. I have worked with various budgets and have made plans for all types of body sizes, interests, and budgets. If you’d like to know what it’s like to work with me, check out this post.

If you’re wanting to tackle this on your own, my favorite places to shop are listed below:



PSquared – locally owned, the owners are amazingly friendly, very helpful, and the clothing is a range of prices. I HIGHLY recommend this store.

Anthropologie – not locally owned, but still located here in Greenville and again, very friendly.


*Both of these stores have people that will help you style yourself. 



Banana Republic – there is a store located at haywood mall

Loft – there is a store at the shops at green ridge

Ann Taylor – the closest store is in charlotte at south park

JCrew – the closet one is in south park

Universal Standard – friendly to all sizes AND high quality. They also partnered with JCrew for a line as well

Everlane – clothing is ethically made

Amour Vert