If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen my IG Stories the other day. I went to the Fashion on the Town Pop Up on Friday night, and totally did not fit in. (I think I’m in that situation a lot). It was a night full of mini dresses, heels, shopping, and wine.  I know you’re thinking, “but you’re a personal stylist, that’s what you do”. And you know, that’s what I thought too! I felt a lot of pressure to attend Fashion on the Town because I like fashion, so that’s supposed to be my scene, right? I love to shop local when it’s convenient and affordable. I love fashion so this should be right up my alley. Except that it wasn’t. I was uncomfortable and constantly wondering if I had poop on my shirt. The thing is, when I think about who my ideal client is, I realize that she isn’t trying to wear short dresses and heels. Or maybe she is on a date night, but she isn’t 95% of the time. My ideal client is someone who wants to look put together, comfortable, and able to get things done on a daily basis. She’s a stay at home mom, a working woman with little time, or someone who wants to look good but could not care less about what’s going on in the fashion world. With her in mind, I realize that I don’t have to walk the runway, but to help her understand that yes, you CAN wear cute outfits with leggings. Or maybe it’s yes, you CAN look good in a practical way and get your daily tasks done. So, to all of you women out there with poop on your shirts, with feet that just can’t take the heels anymore, with a to do list a mile long, yes, you CAN look good, feel good, and be comfortable.

When I was younger, I would wear workout clothes anywhere, anytime. As I’ve gotten older, I am a little more self conscious. It’s not that I am worried about what my body looks like because in reality, I am more fit, or just as fit, as I have been in the past. I think it’s that I’ve gotten a little more modest. I am very passionate about the fact that one should be able to wear WHATEVER one wants, no matter what, so if wearing yoga clothes is your jam, go for it, own it, do it girl. For me though, I’ve found that I feel self conscious and so I’ve been on the lookout for ways to transition from my workout to the rest of my day.


1. Denim Jackets


I am all about a denim jacket. I am kind of particular about the shape of my denim jackets because there is a fine line between cute denim jacket, and mom jeans denim jacket. It has taken me 10 years to let go of the one I had from Abercrombie & Fitch, and it was hard to do so. It was cropped, made of stretch denim, and shaped in a way that was fitted and not bulky. I just recently got a new denim jacket from Loft, and while it isn’t as awesome as the A&F jacket I had, it was close enough, especially since the A&F jacket had a hole in the elbow. The summer months are not jacket months, so I use a denim vest instead. Both give my yoga outfit a little coverage and a little pizazz, I feel like. Pizazz seems like a word fitting for a mom that wears a denim jacket.




Military Jackets

I just ordered the cutest Camo Military jacket from Loft and when it got here, IT WAS PETITE!! I was so upset that I didn’t pay attention and ordered petite. I brought it to the store, but they didn’t have any there. So bummed… Anyway, here are some military jackets that are super cute and would be perfect over any workout clothes.

2. Sweatshirts

I don’t mean sweatshirt in the traditional sense, but more those athleisure sweatshirts that cost a fortune. That sounds silly, and I’m always on the lookout for cute athleisure jackets that aren’t outrageous, but the really stylish ones usually run between $100-$150. That being said, they are usually well made and very stylish. Here are some that are fairly reasonable (and some slightly outrageous because if you love it, I say get it).

3. Kimonos/Sweaters

I put these in the same category because they are similar. A kimono may not be warm enough for the winter, but an open sweater is a similar look. You could just add the layer over your yoga/workout clothes or you can add a t shirt, then the extra layer. It all depends on how comfortable you feel in your workout clothes.


Obviously, you have to wear shoes, but if the shoes you’re wearing isn’t an integral part of your workout, i.e. running, then you can find some cute, comfortable shoes that add a little bit of style.


Last but not least!! Accessories include so many things like scarves, jewelry, and hats! I almost always like to wear a scarf and some earrings, no matter what I’m wearing. I wear hats a lot too, specifically baseball hats. That really helps on bad hair days.

There you have it! I want to add that when I look at Instagram and Facebook, and I read these fashion blogs, I am always amazed at how dressed up people get on a daily basis. I realize there is a whole world out there that involves so much more than diapers and playgrounds, and so, there is a whole world out there for people who want to wear things to those places that don’t involve diapers and playgrounds. I started this blog and started my styling business because I think it’s important for us regular ladies to know that we can be stylish, no matter the time or place. I don’t think it’s important how we look for others because that doesn’t matter to me that much but it’s important how I feel about myself. If I can add a little bit of style to my comfy clothes, I feel good about myself, and it’s a teeny bit of self care I can practice throughout the day. I hope that’s what you get from reading this too!

As always, I’d like to mention this post has affiliate links. What that means is if you click on my little links and buy something, I get a little commission! I try my best to utilize items that are cost effective because I realize that this isn’t a blog for high fashion. That being said, every little bit helps maintain the costs associated with running a blog so you’re understanding is greatly appreciated!