As you can tell by my most recent post, I am so ready for warmer weather. We’re pretty close here in South Carolina, and it honestly won’t be long before we’re sweating and complaining about the humid heat. But let’s focus on the positive, it’s time for fun spring clothing and I am going to enjoy all the denim jackets and linen I can. My most recent client wanted a capsule wardrobe that was classic, full of neutrals, clothing that fit nicely, but maintaining that casual vibe since Greenville isn’t a place to get dressed up that much. As I created her mood board, I imagined her walking the streets of Barcelona with natural fabrics, neutrals with pops of blush and olive, and fun shoes. If I didn’t have kids who would spill popsicles on me, this would be my dream wardrobe. I had so much fun designing it and can’t wait to share some of my favorite pieces with you. I am not going to share the full thing, because that’s probably not fair to those who actually pay for my styling services, but I will share some pieces that are my favorite and are beautiful for the spring.

With a classic wardrobe, some key things to remember are this: 

  1. Proper fit – it’s important that things fit nicely, even if that means getting things tailored. 
  2. Neutrals are dominant. This is kind of the case with any capsule wardrobe, but really, to make everything work and to keep it classic, neutrals such as black, white, cream, camel, and navy are the main staple of your wardrobe. With this client, I added pops of lilac, blush, and olive to give it some interest. 
  3. These pieces are going to be investment pieces. So really investing in this wardrobe is key. Well made items, properly tailored, and natural fabrics help this to look beautiful and classic. 

I always have a hard time getting clients to invest in clothes. The reasons I typically get are this:

  1. She is waiting until she hits her goal weight
  2. It’s hard to break away from the idea that quality is better than quantity. 
  3. Just plain ol’ sticker shock

Check out this post to see why I think you should invest in yourself right this very moment, no matter your weight. To sum it up, you deserve to have beautiful, expensive clothes right this very second. If you lose the weight, great, you can save the ones that fit you now for the future. OR, when you buy quality clothing, you can resell them. So invest in yourself. I get it, it seems really hard to swallow paying $100 for a shirt, or whatever, everyone’s shock is different, but when you put together a capsule wardrobe, you are buying less. And the things you buy will last you longer. So in the long run, you will spend the same or possibly even less. Lastly, when you’re used to buying cheap clothing, it just seems crazy to spend a lot on one item. But I promise that once you wear beautiful, natural fabrics, nice fitting clothes, etc, you will feel better and it will make a difference. I understand, when you’re on a budget, you’re on a budget, but I can help you find quality clothing that fits well and fits into your budget too. 

This wardrobe is so beautiful and I had so much fun putting it all together for my client. Many of these items are available at stores here in the Greenville area like all the Anthropologie items, the necklace at Augusta Twenty, and the Hobo Purse at LouLou downtown. And if you need help designing your own wardrobe, check out this post. Or as always, you can contact me about my services