I feel very grateful that I’ve had a lot of returning clients in the past month or so. I have worked with Wendie several times before, and each time, it gets easier and easier. It helps that she is absolutely beautiful with long, gorgeous hair, and legs for days. More than that though, she’s a wonderful person to be around and I always leave feeling joyful. I recently helped her build a wardrobe for work, but since she spends most of her days in scrubs, we got to focus on date nights, weekends, and errands. Since I spend most of time herding cats, I mean, caring for my kids, I know this wardrobe all too well. And what’s really fun is that she already had a really nice wardrobe, so I spent most of time styling what she had and gave her a list to fill the holes.

I used the guide above to help me focus on overall items needed. Because she already had so much on the list, she really only needed the items shown above. Most of our time was spent styling what she had.

The most common thing I hear from clients when styling them is, “Oh, I never would have thought to out those items together”. It seems pretty common so I thought I would share some general tips I give clients when getting dress.


  1. Layering is what adds style to any outfit. Visually, are attracted to contrast, so layering pieces helps to create that contrast. One example is to use color. Layering items that are complementary in color are a great way to add contrast. For example, a purple scarf with a yellow sweater, or a blue top with an orange necklace. You can also wear all one color and allow a layering piece to be the color. I like to wear all black and then layer with a bold color or print in a sweater.
  2. “Styling” pieces is another way to add some visual interest. Instead of putting on a plain white shirt with a sweater and jeans, think about tucking just the front part of your t-shirt in your jeans. Rolling the cuff of your sleeves up is another example, or one that I learned from my days at Abercrombie is to tie the back of your denim jacket together so it hugs your sides.
  3. Accessories are a key component to adding style. I tend to be more conservative and prefer to wear one piece. I absolutely love, and suggest to every. single. client., a neutral chunky necklace. Spectrum Handcrafted is my all time favorite to recommend. I also love big earrings because they are such a simple way to make an outfit look pulled together. Obviously, since it’s winter, there is always the scarf.
  4. Lastly, it’s always fun to pair things in an unexpected way. Adding a t-shirt to an outfit that would otherwise be considered dressy is fun. Layering a denim jacket over a sweater or pairing a really nice pair of earrings with a t-shirts and joggers can add a fun element and can feel modern.

The key in creating any wardrobe is to make sure the colors work together, that you can create at least 3 outfits from one piece, and you can style it head to toe. If any of that doesn’t work, consider adding something to finish the look or it’s time to donate it. Many of us make the mistake of keeping pieces thinking we will one day wear them. If you don’t have a way to style it now, you never will. Determine if that piece is worth figuring it out or if it’s time to let it go.

There are times when I feel under qualified to talk about style, especially because my wardrobe is geared towards being a mom. What I’ve come to realize is that style is so much more than just looking good for Instagram. Our clothes help us to FEEL good about ourselves. It really isn’t about how we look, but how we feel. I hope that my clients feel good about themselves and they know that they are worth having things that make them feel pretty.