We recently spent a week at Topsail Island, NC with our family. What a beautiful beach! I admit, I am partial to SC beaches, especially the ones in the lower part of the state, but there were some things I really enjoyed about Topsail Island.


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What I loved about Topsail Island


The Beach – the water was nice and clear which is surprising since it’s the Atlantic but really, it was very clear. I could see my feet. The sand was really soft and pretty even though it was fairly hot. There weren’t a lot of jelly fish, in fact I didn’t see any the entire time we were there. That’s definitely a difference from beaches in SC. There are jelly fish all over down there. Lastly, when the tide was out, it left little puddles of water which are perfect for an infant at the beach.







The Location – we were at the south end of the island and we were within a walking distance to everywhere. There were some nice restaurants and some little, fun places too. There was also a donut shop that the family enjoyed very much. I wasn’t able to eat any because I can’t eat dairy, soy, or corn (Thanks Alex), but Ellie had enough for her and me both.

The Price – the cost of having a house right across the street from beach access with 6 bedrooms was pretty reasonable.



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Attractions – We were close to an aquarium as well as Wilmington. Although Wilmington isn’t really much compared to Charleston, it’s still a nice area to visit for shopping and something different to do with the kids.


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What I didn’t love about Topsail Island



The drive – it’s 5 and a half hours from Greenville. That’s not terrible, but with a toddler who’s in the midst of potty training and an infant who doesn’t like the car, a shorter trip is always nice. Ellie puked in her car seat 15 minutes before arriving to the house… awesome.

Lack of things to do on the actual island – Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but since BOTH of my kids were sick, we got a little stir crazy by the end of the trip. After the trip to Wilmington and the trip to the aquarium, we were itching to get them to do something else. Alex ran a high fever the second day he was there and broke out in a rash, so being at the beach the first part of the week wasn’t really happening. Luckily, he was better towards the end and we got to salvage some time there.


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All in all, it was a good trip and I really liked our first trip to the beaches of North Carolina. Have you ever been?


p.s. You may notice a change in my blog, both in appearance and in content. I’ve decided that I’m going to use this as my outlet for blogging about my family, my photography, and style. It’s a change and it may not follow many of the “blogging world rules”, but I’m at a stage in my life where it’s what I have to do. I found myself getting distracted from my kids too much and the whole purpose of me being home is to be home. I love blogging though and so I thought I’d use this as a creative outlet. There are lots of lifestyle blogs out there so hey, why not add a little more 🙂


Thanks so much for reading!! What do y’all think of the new look?