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I had the pleasure of capturing a very important moment in the lives of these three beautiful young ladies. They are all about to graduate from Clemson University and move on to the joys of adulthood! I remember how excited I was to begin the next season of life. I was also very sad to be leaving such a fun, beautiful place where I met some of my best friends and created some long lasting memories. I didn’t realize how special my time at Clemson was until later, but as I walked onto campus to photograph Brook, Layne, and Kyla, I felt the joy and energy that remains on campus, an electricity that connects all who graduate and get the honor of calling themselves Alumni.






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These grads are different than most others because during their senior year, they got to experience something that most other Clemson grads did not, a National Championship. As a student myself, Clemson wasn’t really that good but we still had a lot of fun tailgating and traveling throughout the southeast to attend football games. These girls got to do that AND actually see the team win!! I’m sure they will have many stories to tell their children about seeing DeShaun Watson throw that final pass to Hunter Renfrow to claim the title and what the atmosphere on campus was like after that game. I get goosebumps even writing about it and I wasn’t even there!!


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Brook is my cousin and she’s the fourth person in our family to graduate with a Clemson degree, one of those others being her mom. She studied psychology and is starting a nursing program this summer! She was a member of Alpha Chi Omega. Brook is someone who has never met a stranger. She is beautiful, smart, and a lot of fun to be around.


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Layne is a friend and fellow sorority sister of Brook’s. Not only were they both Alpha Chi Omega sisters, they were BOTH psychology majors. I don’t know Layne as well but from the time we spent together on campus, I can tell she’s a lot of fun. She seems like she is the life of the party, in addition to being gorgeous and of course, smart. She is also pursuing a nursing degree at MUSC.


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Kyla was a psychology major as well! She was the tallest of the group but just as fun as the others. Kyla and Layne were childhood friends, so it’s perfect that she’s attending MUSC to study physical therapy, Similar to Layne. All three girls are examples showing that brains and beauty can go together. This group just had it all. I feel honored that I was able to capture them in a time of their life that will bring lots of memories.


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If you’re interested in senior photography, please contact me at 864-506-5449. Thanks so much!!! Congrats girls! Y’all are amazing


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