I’m working with a client right now who needs a fun spring capsule wardrobe to help her style match her business savvy. Because she is a small business creative, there is no need for all the suits and stuffy business attire. Instead, we get to create something that’s fun and flirty, with bits of romance. As I spoke with her and perused her Pinterest Board, I imagined smelling flowers in spring in Paris or riding a boat through rows of colorful houses in Venice. I was so excited to create something so fun, so I figured I would share it with y’all too.

I created this Mood Board to help guide me as I did my initial wardrobe build. I like creating a mood board for clients so that they can see my vision and make sure it’s accurate. I can use it to guide me as I create a shopping list and have a vision in mind as we do the actual shopping. I create a list so that it keeps us focused while shopping but also gives options if we’re not finding what we want in store.

I’m not going to list every single item I chose for her because it’s fairly extensive, but wanted to show some of my favorite pieces from the list.

  1. Visby Wrap Blouse Anthropologie
  2. Pineapple Eyelet Wrap Top Anthropologie
  3. Elspeth Linen Shirtdress Anthropologie
  4. Pull On Drapey Pants Gap
  5. Pleated Midi Skirt Gap
  6. Jennifer Bootcut Beija-Flor
  7. Caramel Leather Wrap Sandal Sseko Designs

I wanted to add a couple of notes

  1. This wouldn’t be the capsule in itself because there aren’t enough pieces and pairing them would be difficult, but these were my faves
  2. Beija-Flor is a denim company based downtown here in Greenville. They are actually having a sale this weekend for 20% and I am 100% going to be there so you could check it out too. I think shopping local anytime we can is the best
  3. Sseko Designs is a company dedicated to fair trade. Their story is amazing and you should 100% check them out. I am in the process of researching clothing companies because ultimately, I would like to create wardrobes for people with clothes made from certified b corp companies or at least, fair trade companies. That just means they are made in an area that pays fair wages and has good working conditions.


Overall, this was a fun wardrobe to build and I can’t wait to see the end result. If you need to help with your wardrobe, please contact me and we can set up a time to have a free consult.