The notion of self care can seem very difficult when you have a very young child at home, and ESPECIALLY if you have very young children at home. It’s really hard for me to take 5 minutes out of my day for myself and I find myself saying, eh, I’ll do it tomorrow. The challenge is that tomorrow never comes, self care never comes, and I find myself not being able to manage my emotions as easily. I find my health being affected and I wonder, why is this whole motherhood thing so freaking hard?

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downtown greenville in front of the Marriott

I don’t really have an answer for how to manage it all accept to ask for help and take it when offered! Find joy in the most trivial things because those little trivial things can mean a little bit of love for you when you need it the most. For me, it’s 5 minutes of meditation or yoga. It’s a walk around the block while the kids ride in the stroller. It’s a chance to go to the grocery store by myself. It’s me, feeling good about what I’m wearing and how I look. I feel like fashion can seem so shallow at times, but sometimes, it’s all I’ve got. What I mean is, sometimes, the only thing I can do is put on some lip gloss, a cute outfit, and go but at least I feel good about myself, even if it’s because I’ve got on a new jumper.

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doing something creative is a form of self care

There are always days where I walk out in jogging pants and a t shirt, that’s just going to happen. And it’s not that I feel any less than when I do, but it’s amazing how much better I feel when I take 5 minutes to put something together. It’s like, I may not have anything else going right that day, but I’ve got on a killer pair of shoes and so, I’m going to enjoy it. The key to being able to do that is having a streamlined closet so that it’s easy to pair things together and get out the door quickly.

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this mama pig needs some self care 🙂 – I think I feel like this pig sometimes

The point of me saying all of this is that getting dressed can seem like it’s not worth it sometimes, but as a tired mother who just never gets a break, it’s nice to at least feel kind of good about myself sometimes. If you need help with streamlining your wardrobe and getting organized so it’s easy to get dressed in the morning, let me know because I can certainly help.