Hey y’all!! Welcome back to my Makeup 101 series!! I need to write another post about skincare because I am constantly trying to figure out what’s best for my skin but since I’m still in the process, I’ll wait until another day. On to the subject at hand, primer. What is primer you say? Primer is something you apply after moisturizer and before foundation. This post will focus on the benefits of primer as well as the different types that might be best depending on your skin type and use.

Primer 101

Benefits of Primer

  • Smooth Skin – our skin has texture and primer can help smooth out our skin so that our foundation looks more flawless. We may have large pores, acne, or fine lines (or if you’re like me, all three), and primer fills those holes so that our skin looks smoother and less textured.
  • Longer lasting foundation – primer helps bond the foundation to our face so that it stays on longer
  • Color correcting – certain brands, like smash box, have color correcting primers to help with skin conditions like redness
  • Add glow – Some primers can help add that dewy look so your skin looks like it’s glowing
  • Oil control – if you have oily skin, some primers will help keep the oil at bay

Types of Primer

I covered this above a little, but there are different types of primers based on your skin condition. Some primers are water based and some are silicone based. The formula you need will depend upon your skin type and what you’re trying to achieve.

Pore Minimizing

Pore Minimizing Primers

I use this primer sometimes and it does the trick for sure! It makes my skin feel smooth and it also helps control oil. My T zone tends to get oily, especially in the summer and so instead of my makeup moving all around my face and getting cakey, this primer helps it stay put. It makes your skin feel very matte. I don’t use it every day BECAUSE it makes my skin a little dull so I only use it when I’m trying to look super fancy or if I need my makeup to last a long time. Other mattifying primers that are good are:

General Primer – all skin types

Primers for all Skin Types

I use this primer a lot and it’s almost gone. It’s for all skin types and so it helps the makeup stay on. The Clinique description says it helps minimize imperfections, it’s oil free, an helps create a perfect makeup canvas. I like that it’s oil free, and I like that it doesn’t make my face too matte but does help with smoothing skin and making my makeup last. Some other primers for this would be

Hydrating/Glowy Primers

I will never really have a personal review for these because I do not need a hydrating primer. My skin struggles on the daily but I’ve heard some good things about these from the thousands of YouTubers that I watch.

Other Primers

In addition to face primers, you can also get primers for your eyes, your lips, your everything!!! When I get to eyes, I’ll talk more about things you can use to prime your eyes and while I’m sure my lips need priming, I don’t use it. I don’t want to overwhelm you all in one post, so let’s just focus on the face for today.

Do you use a primer now? If so, what brand?

As always, thanks for reading!!!