I recently had a client reach out to me about putting together a casual spring, summer wardrobe. Obviously, she is spending quite a bit of time at home. Even without COVID 19, she is still someone who works from home most days so the idea was to put together some items that are comfortable, casual, and put together. This wardrobe is something I put together for a specific client, which her style and colors in mind. If you’re someone who likes classic pieces made with comfortable and natural fabrics, then this spring, summer wardrobe is for you. 

This client likes a wardrobe that is more casual in nature. She prefers comfortable, light fabrics and her color palette is one of neutrals, earth tones, and blues. Her best silhouette is one of a fitted top that stops at her waist, and a relaxed but fitted pant. I tried to find items that she could wear comfortably at home but dress up to go out on the town. Though I prefer to put her in more structured tops, I picked a couple of flowy blouses with the idea that the hot summer months of SC would be more comfortable in something that’s breathable. 

I always try to incorporate sustainable brands as I would like to steer every client to more sustainable options. That being said, Banana Republic is a company that makes items in this client’s size and she knows them well. That is why there are so many pieces from there. There are other items as on her list as well, but I wanted to focus on the highlights. 

I have specific pairings in mind, but with the palette being fairly neutral, most of the items can be paired together. When creating wardrobes, my goal is always cohesiveness and quality. I think it’s important to have a minimal amount of quality items because it makes getting dressed easier and keeps your closet accessible and organized. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and feel free to message me if you’d like me to design a wardrobe specific for you. Thanks so much.