Continuing on in the Makeup 101 series, we’re talking skincare. Everyone has different skin issues, so it’s key to find your best beauty regimen for your skin. I’m not an esthetician, so I can really only talk about my own skin. That being said, I feel like there is a basic beauty regimen that works for everyone in terms of what you’re doing and how you do it, the only differences will be what you’re using. Keep reading to see what I do and some suggestions on how to make sure you’re doing the best for your skin!


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When I was younger, I never had any issues with my skin. In high school, I glasses, braces, and dressed weird, but girl, I had some clear skin. Fast forward to my mid 20’s, and I felt like a teenager. My skin starting breaking out, especially along my chin. Really, my breakouts weren’t too bad but I am a perfectionist so I didn’t want any pimples at all. I bought some ProActiv and it definitely did the job. It cleared my skin up BUT I feel like it did some damage to my skin that I can’t seem to get back. After a couple of years of using ProActiv, I felt like it was so harsh on my skin so I decided to make a change. I tried Arbonne but my face LOST. ITS. MIND. I was breaking out in places I had never broken out before. I tried it out for a while because they say it takes time to adjust but after a couple of months of horrible breakouts, I went back to proactiv. I finally found Clinique and felt like I found a happy medium. The Acne Solutions regimen helped keep my breakouts at bay but it wasn’t super harsh. Actually, I switched between the acne solutions and the beauty regimen for oily/combination skin. I still had a couple of pimples but I felt like I was treating my skin better. Fast forward to post child number 2 and my skin lost it’s mind again. I had zero breakouts during my pregnancies, but with the massive hormone changes one experiences after pregnancy, my face lost it’s mind and I had horrible pimples all over my chin, nose, everywhere. I’m still recovering from that and still experimenting with what works so I’ll be writing more on this subject later. For now, I am going to talk about the products that seem to be working, the actual regimen itself, and how this applies to you.


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You gotta get that face clean! If it’s morning and I have on no makeup, I use my cleanser. I am currently using this SkinCeuticals Cleanser that the esthetician recommended at Urban Nirvana. I like it, it smells nice, and I do feel it cleans my skin. If it’s the evening, I use this Clinique makeup remover and follow it up with my Kirkland’s makeup wipe.


  1. make sure you get all of that makeup off. Otherwise, You’ll just be rubbing your makeup into your face, That’s why I use the makeup remover and the wipes
  2. Wet your face and start rubbing your cleanser into your face in a circular motion. Make sure you get all of the spots on your face including the space between your brows, your upper lips, AND the outside edges of your face and chin. Wet your hands and continue to gently massage your face. Keep doing that until all of the cleanser is off.



Toner is a necessity and I actually found a really good article on why you should use it. I use this toner by SkinCeuticals. I use this kind mainly because the esthetician told me to use it with the cleanser and moisturizer. It feels good on my skin but can I say it’s worth the money? No. I’ve heard good things about this and this, so maybe I’ll try these next. I do realize these are all outrageously priced so if I find/hear of a good drugstore toner, I will let you know!



I do a couple of things to treat my skin.

  1. Tea Tree Oil – I use this on a Q-tip and put it on my pimples. it’s anti-microbial and it’s also supposed to help with acne scars. You can use other oils as well, such as frankincense and lavender, but because I’m still working on getting my skin together, I just focus on this. I haven’t really had any more major pimples, but when one starts to pop up, I put this on it and they seem to go away. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had any major ones!
  2. Serums – I am currently using Bobbi Brown remedies because they I won them on Instagram!! I have only been using them for a couple of days, so I won’t be able to really say what they do until I keep working with them. I was using Clinique’s Acne Solutions Serum and I didn’t feel like it did what I needed. I also want to try this and this. Obviously those are expensive so if the Bobby Brown ones can work, I’d prefer those.

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I currently use this but I need something different. I’ll talk more about that later.


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There are some additional things I do 2-3 times a week to help my skin in terms of getting rid of dead skin cells and deep cleaning.

  1. Exfoliate
    1. Rodan + Fields Microderm Abrasion Scrub – Once a week, I use this exfoliator to really get rid of dead skin. It does a really good job of making my face feel clear and smooth
    2. Peter Roth – the other times, I use this because it’s much more gentle and it feels kind of fun
  2. Mask – I use all kinds of masks!! I’ve talked about some of them before. Glamglow is my favorite but I also like this one, this one, and this one.


WHEWWWWWW – That feels like a lot, right? I’d actually really like to add some things like a Clarisonic cleansing brush, an eye cream, and a night moisturizer, I just haven’t done it yet. That was a lot though, so just to review:

Easy Beauty Regimen

  1. Clean it
  2. Tone it
  3. Moisturize it

If you’re doing those things both day and night, you’re on the right track. The other stuff does add to the health of your skin but I can understand if it becomes too much. You could always just get a facial every once in a while. Last thing, DRINK LOTS OF WATER. I forget that one a lot.


Where I am right now with it all: My skin has pretty much cleared up. My challenge now, my skin is dry and irritated in places. I’m afraid of adding anything too moisturizing because I don’t want to make my face breakout but I need something more. I THINK I’m going to go to a dermatologist and talk to him/her to see what I can do because I need to get it right! I don’t want pimples or wrinkles, so I need to figure this out.


Let me know if you have any skin care questions. I am always willing to do research for y’all!! Thanks so much and look for the next post in this series, Primers – what the eff are they??