As the year comes to a close, I am taking time to review my blog and all of my posts over 2016. I want to welcome 2017, welcome the new year with a clear vision for this site and this blog. I feel so proud to have built this site and to have put all of my love and energy into it over the past year. There were some breaks as I realized that juggling small kids and this site were too much, but I felt like I learned a lot and grew in terms of my content and my photography. This post is a review of some of my faves as well as a preview of what’s to come.


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First things first: what did I love in 2016?


  1. That time I got to style my stepdaughter and take her picture 



2. The post where I showed you my newly renovated kitchen 



kitchen, home decor, home styling tips, flowers, modern home, country kitchen


3. Our trip to Topsail Island





4. Tips for a quick makeup routine 



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5. Styling my neighbor in a Madewell Jumper 



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6. And finally, my $45 challenge I did with Miracle Hill Thrift Stores 



personal stylist greenville sc




As I look back, I think the ones I enjoyed the most were when I got to style people so that will be top of my list for 2017. I actually really enjoyed sharing about our trip to Topsail, so I’ll be trying to do stuff like that as well. I’m going to be launching my photography website this month, so I’ll be linking to that as well.


One thing that I’ve been thinking about is the fact that I feel like I haven’t found my voice yet. There are a ton of fashion bloggers out there and although I don’t really think I’m trying to be like them, I feel like I’m trying to follow a path that’s already been taken. How can I move forward with my blog, teaching y’all about my experience with fashion, beauty, home decor, but still be me? I hope to figure that out soon. How does one find their voice through writing? It seems like it would be easy, but it is not! Maybe you guys could help me out a bit and let me know why you continue to read? What are your favorites posts and why?

For 2017, look out for more fashion, video tutorials for makeup, more lifestyle stuff (like daily life type things), my photography page, and more about #yeahthatgreenville!! Also, if you’re on instagram, follow me and look out for my hashtag #stylethatgreenville as well as #photographthatgreenville


Thank y’all so much to my readers and I hope to see more of you in 2017!!