I believe in the real world, school is officially out today, June 5th. In preschool land, we’ve been out of school since the middle of May. With this being Ellie’s last official year as a preschooler, I wanted to make sure to capture this last summer of her preschool year as much as possible. I decided to challenge myself to take 100 days of photos, meaning I try to get at least 1 shot every single day. When I first started doing challenges like this, I thought I had to take a picture perfectly with my big camera daily, but after failing many, many, ahem, many times, I have relaxed the rules a bit. The photographer in me wants everything to have beautiful light, perfect composition, and correct exposure. The mom in me loves ALL the pictures, including snapshots taken with my phone. In fact, in my kids last photo book I made them in 2018, I had plenty of pictures that were not artistic. Sometimes I find it hard to find a balance between using this as a creative outlet and remembering the reason I ever even picked up a camera, which was to capture the lives of my kids. And so, my rules for this challenge are to get at least one picture of my kids each day for 100 days. The light can be shitty, or beautiful. The time of day can be less than ideal, and it can be taken with my iPhone. As long as I get something of them enjoying life at home this summer, I’m good. 

If this sounds interesting to you, you could do the same. I started a while back, but you can jump in at any time. I’ve been tagging mine #100daysofsummer. That’s a pretty generic name so there are going to be a ton of people using it, just an FYI. Let me know if you’d like to play along. Here is what I’ve captured so far. 



I hope you enjoyed these! I will be posting more throughout the summer, and please feel free to join me. Just let me know you are doing the challenge and tag me in your images!