Happy New Year!! I took a little break over the past few weeks to travel to Charleston, spend time with my family, and be with my little girl as she had her tonsils removed. It’s been a busy few weeks and I am SO GRATEFUL school has started back again. I was going to write a blog post highlighting my word for the year. I do talk about my word in this post but I was inspired to write about something a little different as well. Of course, I’m going to talk about some of my thoughts for this year of action, 2020, but I wanted to give some words of encouragement as well. If you’re not familiar with my blog or me, in 2018, I started writing about a word (or theme) of the year instead of resolutions. 2018 was all about self care and 2019 was about exploration. The word that came to me for 2020 is Empower and I want to talk a little bit more about what that means in this post.

The end of 2019 was all about letting go of old beliefs that have held us back. As the decade came to a close, I felt called to do this work around limiting beliefs and old, ancestral patterns. A LOT of that had to do with beliefs about money and financial security. As I look back over the past 10 years, I took a lot of leaps towards happiness and I had to push through fears around finances as well as learn to trust God (or the universe or whatever you want to call It). In doing so, I began to learn about trust, security, and being grounded. From this work, the word that came to me for 2020 is Empower. I don’t how that is going to show up for me this year but part of that is working towards financial freedom. And though I originally thought that was going to be a BIG piece of 2020, the beginning of this year seems to be shaping up otherwise. 

I consume a lot of information about astrology/numerology and what I have been hearing repeatedly is that 2020 is going to be a year of action; of taking massive action. There are going to be a lot of changes in the structures of the old. As our collective (meaning all of us in the world) begin to evolve and change, so will our structures and how we operate in the world. I already see that happening in my own life. I see some opportunities coming to me (yes, already) to help share some of my own experience. I am being called to share my experience as it relates to self love, self compassion, and self reliance. Through conversations with my friends, I find we all have a need for grace and compassion towards ourselves. I don’t know what 2020 is really going to look like, but I do know that we are already witnessing some things that feel very intense like the wildfires in Australia and the conflict with Iran. The world is really being called to heal right now and it begins with ourselves. For this reason, I wanted to share some of my hopes and wishes for you in this year of action.

This year, I hope that you can learn to let go of the “shoulds”. I should be doing this or I shouldn’t be eating that. I hope that you let go of the quest for perfection and instead learn to operate from within. What does that mean? When I say “operate from within”, I mean to listen to your intuition, or also called “your gut”. I will probably write more on how to do that later, but for now, I hope that you can learn to quiet the noise around you and learn to listen to that little tiny voice that lives within you. I hope that you can learn to follow your joy. I hope that you can take time out of your day to nurture your creativity. I hope you can invest in yourself and do small things that light you up each and every day. I hope that you can stop trying to please others, learn how to set boundaries where they need to be set, and trust yourself. I hope you can learn to trust yourself. I hope you can let go of resolutions and just learn to be exactly you, in this moment. I hope you can set aside your goals, your dreams, your aspirations, and just show the people around you a little bit of love. I hope that you can view each person that comes into your life as an opportunity from God to heal. I hope that you can appreciate the difficult times and see them as stepping stones to a more awakened you. I hope that you can ride the roller coaster of life and keep your heart open. I hope that you can heal old wounds, let go of resentments, and give yourself the freedom that comes with forgiveness. I hope that you can stop listening to your mind all of the time and start tuning into your body. I hope that you learn to love yourself unconditionally. I hope you can learn to feel emotions, especially the difficult ones, and trust that you are going to be okay, no matter what. And lastly, I hope that you can truly understand and feel the meaning of grace, freely given, unmerited favor.

I don’t know what 2020 is going to bring and in fact, I have a feeling I am going to be called to walk blindly for a long time this year. I am going to be called to put my money where my mouth is and really just take one step at a time, listening to my intuition without knowing where it’s taking me. That is really scary but I have learned that my plans are never actually what happens, and for that, I am forever grateful.