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There is so much information coming to us during this time. People seem as though they are desperate for some inkling of security. They grasp at knowledge and information as though it’s the lifeblood to get them through the uncertainty of today. Morality seeps from people’s pores as they talk of who isn’t doing this right, who is falling victim to corruption, and who is smarter than the average human. Conspiracy videos circulate through homes, causing anxiety and fear. Or maybe giving people some hope that this is a hoax and as soon as the government is “found out”, we can all go back to a normal life. I wonder what people believe will be the end result when they finally catch the government in a web of deceit. I am someone who is easily influenced by information and my discernment process has had to get pretty strong. Journaling and having friends who think rationally has helped me through times where fear can overcome my thoughts. But I am always brought back to the thought that God speaks to me through love. I’ve never found God in documentaries or articles about things we do not know. He always seems to send me information through my own curiosity, a way to guide me from one joy to the next. As I take the time to write my thoughts on paper and get the tornado of information out of my head, I realize that I have everything I need within myself. I don’t need wyff or youtube, or that savvy friend who’s always in the know. My way to growth and power is through seeking the voice that already exists within. It’s funny to me that I find the voice of God in Disney movies. Maybe I’m just a kid at heart, but seeing Elsa find herself in the frozen river brought tears to my eyes that I still can’t explain. Somehow, though, I knew that message was for me to use as I navigate the year of self sovereignty, 2020. Each one of us is powerful and hold a wisdom that lies hidden within. But we have to put down the crusades, the righteousness, and we have to quiet our need to feel secure. As we wade into the unknown, the voice that lives within is the light that will guide the way. It’s hidden below the desire to numb and it’s in our own seeking, in our own stillness, that we can connect to it’s power.