Back in the day, there used to be a set of basic fashion rules that one could abide by in order to follow fashion law. I’m not sure how these rules came about, but I’m always surprised when I hear of someone still following them. I’m sure you know about wearing hose with Sunday dresses, and never wearing socks with sandals, and there were so many, I had a hard time choosing which ones to discuss today. If you watch any kind of fashion show, you realize that pretty much anything goes in the millennial’s world but in case you still live in your baby boomer/gen x world, I thought I’d share a few basic fashion rules that are meant to be broken.


1. You can’t wear white after labor day


Based on a quick internet search, the rule began as a way for women who were from old money to give the finger to women who came into new money. That is silly in itself, but let’s be honest, white flowing dresses in the middle of winter aren’t very practical. UNLESS… you live in the south where it may hit a high of 80 sometime in December. If you’re trudging through the snows of Minnesota, maybe focus on just keeping warm, but us South Carolinians, wear that white all year long gals. Considering the high today was 74, we have a while to worry about those North Face jackets.

2. Don’t double up on the denim


I feel you. You don’t want to rock the Dolly Parton style while picking your kids up from school. You can definitely wear denim on denim on denim without having to pull out your red bandanas. I’ve seen this many ways, so it really just depends on your style. I like to mix denim colors so that there is some separation. Maybe a chambray shirt with dark denim skinnies. Here I’ve paired my dark skinnies with my denim jacket, a black tank, and some jewelry.

3. Don’t mix prints


You 100% can mix prints AND avoid looking like Little Richard. If you’re super hipster and love a good IPA, then go bold. If you’re like me and spend most of your time at Target, keep on print small and the other big. Also, stay in the same color family, don’t try to match the same colors together but just make sure they compliment each other.

4. T-shirts can’t be dressy


If there is anything I can do, it’s make something casual look like it’s not casual. I’m old and I don’t want to be uncomfortable. My days of wearing painful heels and tight skirts are over. My goal on a daily basis is to look like I have some kind of fashion sense, but still be able to bend over and pick up that sock that’s been on the floor for 3 days. Here, I’ve paired a basic t shirt from target with a midi skirt and pretty heels (that are pretty comfortable too). This would be date night for sure.

5. Leggings should only be worn at the gym


Ok… so I’m on the fence with this, a little. I get wanting to wear comfortable clothes, that’s my whole life. And if I’m working out that day, for sure I have on workout clothes. I also am a live and let live kind of girl so if wearing workout clothes head to toe to Fall For Greenville is your jam, go for it. Lots of people are doing it, so you won’t be the odd one out. That being said, I just can’t get with wearing my Nike running shirt to lunch on Sunday. I like to at least TRY to look like I showered today, even though there’s a pretty big chance I haven’t. I typically will wear my yoga clothes, and then layer on some kind of normal piece of clothing to make it look like I’m chic. I know that’s what people think when they see me.

There you have it! These rules are made to be broken. What other rules did I leave out? I feel like you can do pretty much anything these days, but just don’t get crazy and go to grandma’s because she might have something to say.


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