I am a person who feels a little bit like an outcast, no matter what group I am with. I love big cities, travel, and studying different cultures but there’s still that southern part of me who can’t seem to decorate without monogrammed towels and who’s always waiting to hear about the next big Clemson football recruit. I’m a mother, photographer, stylist, and yogini with a nostalgia for the 90s and a spectator of all things sports.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that if you saw me walking down the street, your first thought would probably not be, “oh, she must be a stylist”. My style is a blend of casual and American sportswear, lots of neutrals, and clothes that I don’t mind being covered in poop. As a mom, though I’d love to wear beautiful dresses every day, it isn’t practical…


My photography style is similar to my personality; eclectic and emotional. I picked up my camera when my first baby was born in the hopes of capturing little details of their lives as they grow. I wanted her to look back on her childhood pictures and see her as I saw her, beautiful as a child of God, full of love, happiness, and LOTS of emotions. As I kept bringing out that big old camera, I found that it created an outlet for me on days that seemed to never end. I realized the power of this art form and how it can expand beyond pictures of my kids. I realized I could be a source of empowerment for other women, capturing our strength, femininity, and unique beauty through the lens.

My goal as a photographer is to help my client celebrate the season of life they’re in for years and generations to come.

GO-TO:    leather camera bag


I don’t believe that being stylish means that you have to look like you’re walking the runway. In fact, the reason I wanted to become a stylist was because there seemed to be such a disconnect between what we see in magazines and how we dress ourselves. How we dress is not about being vain, it’s about treating ourselves and our bodies with respect. Each morning, when I take the time and the energy to put on something that makes me feel good about myself, I am putting energy towards caring for myself. Style is so much more than just wearing the right earrings or grabbing the right purse, it’s feeling good in what we’re wearing and allowing our personalities to show through. Every single woman out there has a sense of style, most of the time, they just need a little cheerleader to help them get out of their comfort zone. So, rah rah, here I am!

CURRENTLY LOVING:    jumpsuits

top 5 life events

1. My two kids
2. Seeing Clemson win a National Championship in person
3. My trip to Rwanda
4. Living with a family in Costa Rica and Mexico
5. Quitting my job to stay at home with my family and discover my creative talents


top 5 things on my bucket list:

Travel to:
1. Brussels
2. Machu Picchu
3. New Zealand
4. Montreal
5. Paris

top 5 songs from the 90s:

1. Change – Blind Melon
2. Mr Jones – Counting Crows
3. What’s Going On – 4 Non Blondes
4. Rosa Parks – Outkast
5. Regulate – Warren G