If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I am a Capsule Wardrobe Stylist and Enthusiast. I feel strongly that ANY person can be stylish, but that we are lured into the world of shopping through sales and marketing. It’s hard to resist things when they are dirt cheap, and we always feel like we can find something to wear with it. The challenge is, when we don’t shop with a purpose, we end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.


I am excited because I am already working with a client this year, helping her clean out the old and create a new, streamlined wardrobe that will be easy to style, comfortable, and stylish. Many times, when people think of fashion, they think of skinny models, heels, and lots of jewelry. The thing is, being stylish isn’t keeping up with the trends. Being stylish is wearing clothes that fit, that make you feel good, and work for your lifestyle. It’s as simple as that. Every woman has a sense of style. Sometimes, we need help finding it and figuring out how to do it in a way that makes sense for us. My ideal client is a woman with a busy life. She could be a stay at home mom, a woman with a busy career, or someone who wants to feel good but just doesn’t know where to start. Read below to see what staples are essential for any capsule wardrobe, no matter your style.



1. Denim

When building a wardrobe, I like to start from the bottom up. As I build an outfit, I start with pants, denim, or a skirt. This is also where I recommend splurging. A comfortable pair of jeans are going to be your best friend. I have 3 pair that I wear on a consistent basis. I have two pair of skinny jeans for daily wear and a pair of flared denim for date nights or a girls night out. Your budget is going to determine how much you can spend but I recommend at least $50 for a nice pair of jeans. My go to for affordable jeans is the Gap. They carry a variety of styles and rises. I need a mid to high rise because I’ve had two babies and I need to tuck everything in, wink. My FAVORITE brand though, is Citizen of Humanity and Seven For All Mankind. I go for darker denim that are slimming, and are classic. If you want to go more trendy, lighter wash is all the rage. See below for recommendations.

2. Cigarette Pants

In addition to great denim, I also like to have a couple of pair of pants. Not super dressy, unless you need work wear (which would be a totally different wardrobe). This would be more like khakis, or some type of comfortable cotton pants. This is a great place to buy a little more affordable and get a little trendy. I almost always include a nice pair of back cigarette pants, and a cargo pant in my wardrobe builds.

3. Jacket

A great jacket is essential for a capsule wardrobe. A neutral colored pea coat will never go out of style and will bring you french vibes, all day long. You could also do a classic trench, especially if you live in the south and don’t have to have a ton of jackets. Neutral is a safe way to cover all your needs, you can add a pop of color if you want something a little different.

4. Soft T shirts

I’m always torn on how much to spend on t shirts. Cheap ones are nice because they are easily replaceable, but they shrink so easily when they’re not made well. Investing in some nice t shirts feels good, except when your kids poops on them, and then it won’t come out. Having a good amount of basic tees is important when chasing kids around because you never know what is going to happen. So maybe a mixture of both affordable and quality is ideal.

5. A Long Sweater

Does this need any explanation? I wear long sweaters to yoga in the fall, with denim in the spring, or even on those cold nights at the beach in early september. You can’t go wrong with a long sweater, and for me, this is worth the investment of something nice and soft.

6. Leopard Flats

I know you’re thinking this is crazy, but leopard is essentially a neutral. There isn’t a solid color that leopard doesn’t compliment and when you pair anything with leopard flats, it gives instant style. They can be slip ons, such as the leopard print vans, or something dressier like the last from JCrew. Either way, I feel confident that you will be able to wear them most days. (even with leggings).

7. A Big Scarf

It can be a blanket scarf, a big rectangular flowing scarf, wool, pashmina, whatever you like. Based on the choices of your other items, either pick a print that has similar colors as your other clothes, or go with a neutral.

8. A Statement Necklace

There are some local designers here in Greenville that I’ve mentioned before. They have the best necklaces to choose from and so, no need to look any further than your own backyard.



There you have it. As someone who loves to shop, sticking with the idea that I only buy things I need is tough. Maybe that’s why I started a business where I get to shop for others. That being said, I love clothes enough to stop wasting my money on stuff I’ll never wear, just because it’s on sale. And it’s oh so tempting. Those after thanksgiving sales try to allure me into JCrew sweaters for cheap, but I ALWAYS regret it. My rule is splurge on essentials, have fun with the basics. I buy makeup. There’s always room for more makeup. Am I right?



Thanks for reading!

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